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Our Generative AI solutions for

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Process productivity

Generative AI can significantly boost process productivity by automating workflows, summarizing extensive documents, facilitating real-time language translation, and customizing content creation and training programs.

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Enhanced insights on data

Generative AI can uncover patterns, trends, and correlations that traditional methods may miss, helping organizations understand their operations, customer behavior, and market dynamics more profoundly.

Building Blocks

Generative AI for everyone

Every business is unique. Unique products, customers, systems and data. Your AI should be unique, too. Customizable solutions for data analysis, automation, and predictive insights, ensuring technology is adaptable to diverse needs and skill levels.

Intelligence Augmentation (IA)
Enhance your workflows with a co-pilot accelerator, simplifying complexities, and boosting productivity
LLM Finetune
Tailor a LLM precisely & effectively to your business needs
Autonomous Agents
Imagine a tireless research assistant, acting as your intellectual counterpart
Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG)
Make chatbots understand, contextualize and engage better, delivering informed and insightful responses
Structured Data Extraction
Convert any form of data into meaningful, relational data using our LLM based Extractor Accelerator
Multimodal AI
Processes text, images, and audio together to analyze streams of data or create new content
Our Approach

Start building today

1. Understanding your needs

Our first step is an in-depth consultation with you. Here, we take the time to fully comprehend your unique challenges and objectives. We consider this foundational to delivering a solution that will truly add value to your business.

2. Data Analysis and Feasibility

Following the consultation, we conduct a brief one-week proof-of-concept (POC) trial using a sample dataset. During this time, we analyze relevant data to assess the feasibility of the proposed solution. This crucial step helps us identify any potential roadblocks early on and ensures that the project is viable before we proceed to the development phase.

3. Project Definition and Benchmarks

Working closely together, we define the project's scope and deliverables, drawing on our initial talks and feasibility studies. This shared understanding reduces risks and aligns with your needs. We establish clear, agreed-upon benchmarks for transparent success evaluation, laying the foundation for trust and focused project execution.

4. System Development

Our AI experts leverage cutting-edge techniques and algorithms to build standalone Machine Learning systems, which are made accessible through Python APIs. The result is an advanced, efficient, and tailored solution that precisely fits your needs.

5. Deployment and Testing

The custom-built system is then deployed on your cloud server and subjected to rigorous testing to ensure it meets or exceeds the pre-defined benchmarks.

6. Documentation and Handover

Comprehensive documentation for the APIs and system features is provided. This facilitates a smooth transition and integration with your existing platforms, confirming that the solution we deliver can be effortlessly incorporated into your business operations.

AI Accelerators ⚡

Supercharge your business with
AI Accelerators

Deepklarity’s multiple accelerators act as plug and play code blocks enabling you to see business insights quickly

LLM Finetune
Browser Automation
Exploratory Data analysis

Business productivity & insights

Case Studies

Our work so far

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Customer Support Chatbot

Reduction in response times
Managed enquiries

Deploying a ChatGPT-powered support bot led to a 40% reduction in response times and managed 50% of inquiries, thus significantly enhancing service efficiency and customer support quality by freeing staff for complex issues.

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Legal Document Analysis

Accuracy in identifying crucial sections
Reduction in time to create contracts

The deployed system efficiently extracted key information from legal contract PDFs with 93% accuracy, reducing document analysis time by 40% and speeding up contract creation by 70%.

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EdTech Chatbot

Better grades than non-users
Standard student queries successfully answered

The introduction of a RAG-powered Chatbot to a K-12 focused edtech platform led to a 21% improvement in user grades, successfully handled over 70% of queries, and significantly enhanced personalized learning experiences.


Our Technology Stack

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Hugging Face
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